Andrew Lawler is a freelance writer who has written more than a thousand articles for a dozen different magazines on topics ranging from asteroids to zebrafish. During the past 25 years, he has covered politics in Washington, archaeology in the Near East, and research in laboratories from Boston to Beijing; interviewed poets and visionaries like Wired founder Kevin Kelly and Rumi translator Coleman Barks, elected officials such as Al Gore and Barbara Mikulski, and scientists like Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson and MIT Nobelist Sam Ting; and filed stories from more than two dozen countries including Afghanistan, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Syria, Japan, Egypt, Russia, Iraq, Iran, India, Lebanon, and Yemen. He is a contributing writer for Science Magazine, the world’s largest scientific weekly, and a contributing editor for Archaeology Magazine. He has written for National Geographic, Smithsonian, Discover, Columbia Journalism Review, The Sun, Orion, Astronomy, Body & Soul, Yoga International, and several European newspapers.


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  • kera

    Chickens In Charge

    Chickens were domesticated 10,000 years ago. And in the time that’s passed, humans have come to rely on them in ways that extend beyond our

  • americas-test-kitchen

    America’s Test Kitchen

    The love of chickens goes back to ancient Egypt as well as Rome; however, chicken as meat did not become popular in America until WWII.


March  2015

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