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[su_quote cite=””]“The cockfighting scenes in the book are alone worth the price of admission. In Bali, Mr. Lawler is peer-pressured into betting a pile of local currency on a supposedly sacred cockfight: “Within one minute, my money—worth about five dollars—is in another man’s pocket and a skinny man at the curb is plucking the dead bird for the winner to take home to cook. There is no priest or blessing or prayer.” Readers will laugh—and want to buy Mr. Lawler a drink.[/su_quote]

-The Wall Street Journal

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NPR Marketplace

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[su_quote cite=”Nature Magazine”]“Rip-roaring…erudite.”[/su_quote]

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American Public Media Splendid Table

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[su_quote cite=””]“Luckily for us, Andrew Lawler’s Why Did the Chicken Cross the World? wakes us from our ignorant dream, detailing one surprising fact after another that ultimately reveal a grand truth: that chickens are everywhere and are inextricably linked to the emergence and maintenance of human civilization.”[/su_quote]

-Science Magazine

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PBS Radio America’s Test Kitchen with Christopher Kimball



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[su_quote cite=””]“Speaking to Lawler, it’s hard to remember that we are talking about the two-a-penny chicken.”[/su_quote]

-The Guardian (United Kingdom)

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Public Radio WYNC – The Brian Lehrer Show

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Praise for Andrew Lawler’s Talks

[su_quote cite=””]“Our audience absolutely loved the talk — one of our long-time supporters thought it was the best one ever!”[/su_quote]

-Marguerite Ragnow,
curator, James Ford Bell Library,
University of Minnesota

[su_quote cite=””]“We really enjoyed having you at Harvard. Your lecture was great, and obviously you kept everybody thoroughly engaged.”[/su_quote]

-Richard Meadow,
Archaeology Program Director,
Harvard University

[su_quote cite=””]“That was great, everyone I talked to loved it!”[/su_quote]

-Roald Hoffman,
Cornell University’s Frank H. T. Rhodes
Professor of Humane Letters Emeritus
and Nobel Prize Winner,
organizer of Entertaining Science
at New York’s Cornelia Street Café

[su_quote cite=””]“Your two lectures were so lively and engaging, and you were certainly quick on your feet with all the questions that followed. Thanks for making the weekend such a success!”[/su_quote]

-Nancy Warzer-Brady,
Education Programs Director,
Bowers Museum,
Santa Ana, California

[su_quote cite=””]“That was terrific fun, and also HIGHLY illuminating.  After you left we hashed over much of your wisdom—and how students could apply it to their own work and life.”[/su_quote]

-Ellen Ruppel Shell,
professor of science journalism,
Boston University,
and author of Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture

[su_quote cite=””]“Many thanks again for parceling out your wisdom to my two classes. It was a real treat, and the students really got a lot out of it–and so did I.  Your ideas about archaeology and archaeologists are stimulating!”[/su_quote]

-Rita Wright,
professor of anthropology,
New York University

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